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Last week while getting my eyebrows waxed at the Walmart Smart Style salon (don’t judge…they do a good job and you can walk in. And closer than the nearest Cost Cutters to my house.) I had the most amazing conversation with the stylist. I’m constantly dealing with family, friends and people that know nothing about me asking when I’m going to settle down and have kids.

Instead upon asking what I did and finding out that my focus has been on my career and self happiness this awesome lady, Mary built me up. She applauded me for not worrying about the societal expectations and putting myself first.

If only more women could do this of other women. And even myself I need to be better about this. We are all different. We all have different life plans. We all have different journeys. We all have different desires. Just because I’m not ready to settle down and be a mom doesn’t mean I don’t love & support my family and friends that have at my age or younger. That’s their choice and I’m truly happy for them and I love spending time with my friends/family that have started their own families.

These societal expectations aren’t going to disappear over night. These judgments won’t just be erased magically. But we can all do better. And while these judgments and expectations aren’t limited to only being from women, we should start to life other women up together first. Maybe the men of the world will see and follow our movement. Maybe they won’t.

You don’t have to love or even like another woman to believe in them deserving to be appreciated and complimented for being just who they are. You have a choice with every person you encounter to lift them up, push them down, or act like they’re invisible. Why don’t we all try to do more lifting up? That’s a goal this year. Lift up those around me. Whether I know them or not. And if I see others pushing people down I strive to stand up for them. Because we all have so many struggles that are invisible to the outside so it is time we realize that we can never truly grasp the struggles the next person is facing or know what might be the final straw in their struggle.