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2016. It is hard to believe the first full week of the new year is already over. 2016 felt like years away when I originally planned that I wanted to go to Nashville to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Yes, 2016 is the year that I turn 30. I used to half dread that number, but really 26-29 are weird years. Not quite feeling like a full blown adult, still many transitions, just in between weird years for me. There are days that it still feels like yesterday that I was finishing my last semester of graduate school and moving to Sioux Falls. Really May will be 6 years ago that I graduated with my Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies and made the move to Sioux Falls. That move was so important for my life in so many ways.

And yet Sioux Falls wasn’t where I was meant to stay. But those 4 years shaped my life significantly and led me to the path I am on today. I started 2015 so excited about where I was working and what life had going for me. But 2015, proved to be a roller coaster of a year. Keeping it simple, I soon realized that the job wasn’t what I wanted to be doing or where I wanted to be doing it. And while it was scary to be laid off in August it was such a blessing. In fact, I’d already submitted for the job I was offered just a few weeks later because I knew I needed something more. 2015 brought an amazing opportunity that took a leap of faith. Contract employment is a scary thought when all you want is job security, but the opportunities and growth I’ve experienced thus far on this contract and the work that I’m doing makes the fear worth it. There are days that I miss writing social content 24/7, but social governance truly lights a fire in my eyes in the weirdest way possible. 2015 also brought a move to suburban life. Living in a townhome where my 4 legged family members can visit and I can truly feel like I have a home. I love the feeling of a home and knowing I’ll be here until August 2017 without the commitment of buying yet.

But enough about 2015. This is supposed to be about 2016. 2016….the year I turn 30. The year I do at least 30 random acts of kindness. The year I travel more. The year I take more photographs. The year I take control of my fitness life again. The year that I read at least 52 books. The year that I blog at least 52 times. The year I make a new blog potentially. The year I start writing for fun again and possibly finally start that chick lit/loose fiction novel I’ve always dreamed of writing. 2016 is the year that I take more time for myself. 2016 is the year that I’ll go to an Oklahoma Football game, Boomer Sooner! 2016 is going to be a great year. I can feel it.

What will 2016, bring for you? You are the only one that can truly define your life, your year. Obstacles will happen, but how you overcome those obstacles is how you make it your year.


2016 Goals

  1. Travel more
  2. 30 RAOK
  3. Read 52 books
  4. Write at least 52 blog posts
  5. Try starting that novel
  6. Be more fit (work out 12 times a month at least)
  7. Continue to eat healthier
  8. Continue to take more time for myself
  9. Find reasons to smile and laugh every single day.
  10. Volunteer more
  11. Jump out of an airplaine again
  12. Get my arrow tattoo
  13. Listen to live music as much as possible
  14. Have a fabulous year
  15. Be better about staying in touch with my friends that live elsewhere
  16. Be happy. Remember that I’m the only one that can define happy.