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With the upcoming move I’ve been on a Pinterest binge trying to determine how to best organize my room and the office space. And I’ve decided two things…I want to make a “captain’s bed frame” for myself and I want to do a DIY desk.

For the bed I’m leaning toward cubbies instead of drawers. This is the design I like the best right now:

bed plan

This photo comes from Stop Staring and Start Sewing, blog by Jona Giammalva – It links back to their blog post about creating this bed which is the same blog post I link to when discussing bed plans.

I found this design via Pinterest, but it is originally from Jona Giammalva’s blog Stop Staring and Start Sewing.  So far it is one of the easiest plans I’ve found which is why I plan to follow it as of now.  You can find her blog post by clicking on the photo or here: http://jonag.typepad.com/stop_staring_and_start_se/2014/03/a-sneak-peek-at-our-bedroom-in-progress.html

I’m really nervous about taking on this project by myself. But am hoping some of my friends, especially guy friends that are better with a saw or at least more experienced with a saw will help me.  First of course I have to make sure I could fit an upgrade to a queen size bed in my new room which is much smaller than my current room. If I’m not upgrading to a queen size I don’t know that I’ll do a new bed frame.

This is the desk I’m planning on creating as of now for our bonus office/craft space:

This desk plan & photo is from Lindsay Stephenson's blog.   http://lindsaystephenson.com/blog/2009/08/making-new-desk.html

This desk plan & photo is from Lindsay Stephenson’s blog.

I don’t know if I’ll do 3 pieces of wood like they did or try to find something a little easier to do, but I like the idea of storage to hold it up and like the idea of two spaces one for the laptop/plain crafting or even a desktop and the other space could be for a sewing machine once I get my own.

I have tons of other DIY ideas to utilize within my new spaces that I’ll have to make the most of them. I cannot wait until the move so I can start with these bigger projects! Until then I’m continuing to weigh different plan options and look into other storage ways that I can incorporate into my bedroom and the office space.

One thing I’m really looking to figure out is boot storage. I have the boot holders from Container store where 4 pairs fit on it upside down, but with 6 pairs of cowboy boots along with my riding, winter, snow and rain boots I want something prettier for my cowboy boots at least. And yes I do have a boot problem, I know.

My pinterest boards for the move: