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I’ve had plans for another tattoo pretty much since the day I finally got my first one almost 4 years ago.  I still want that tattoo that I thought would be my 2nd, but I actually have decided to get a different one first.

Two songs spoke to my heart strongly when I was playing with the idea of leaving Sodak. The songs spoke even stronger when the decision to leave was forced on me through a blessing in disguise, budget cuts at my former employer.

The two songs “Compass” and “Follow Your Arrow” share a common thread. Go where your heart leads you. As “Compass” says: “So let your heart, sweet heart; Be your compass when you’re lost; And you should follow it wherever it may go.” And as “Follow Your Arrow” says “Just follow your arrow, Wherever it points, yeah, Follow your arrow, Wherever it points.”

I took on the meaning of both songs to heart for they spoke what I couldn’t always explain to my friends and family during a trying obstacle. In fact I actually remmber listening to “Follow Your Arrow” the day I found out about my position being cut to PT. I already had MN in my eyes for my new home before that news came.  But I didn’t have a timeline or plan to leave my position in place…I just knew MN was in my future at some point.

Well with partial then complete closing of my door at PP I chose to take “Follow Your Arrow” on as my new mantra and did just that as I took a leap of faith and moved to Minnesota.  And now it is time to make that mantra a part of me, just like the name of this blog is a part of me. Not everyone chooses to ink their life mantras to themselves, but for me it is part of me to the point it needs to be part of my canvas.

The exact design is still in the works and I may even just go spur of the moment with it. But the meaning it holds for me was secured many months ago.  I can’t wait to show off this latest addition to the canvas of my life, my body soon. Hopefully very soon.  I’ve been wanting it for a while, but life and budget had pushed it back. However I’ve managed to fit it into my budget by cutting back on my summer concert schedule. A decision that wasn’t easy to make if you know me.


I don’t love this font or this layout, but the arrow design I do dig. I’m thinking diagonal arrows. Still back and forth on color or black & white since I do tend to have a nice summer tan and color fades faster.

Have no fear, I’ll be sharing the final once I have it done!