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It’s that time of year, well a few days late at that, but it is New Year’s Resolutions time. I know many people against making resolutions, some for making them and others who just don’t care.  I used to be in the latter. But a few years ago I started making and achieving a portion of them and realizing that writing a post allowed me to be held accountable and motivated. I still won’t say that I’ll achieve all of them. In fact I prefer to say these are things I want to strive for then achieve because life is a constant journey so 1 year isn’t always the end date on these goals/resolutions. These are ways I can strive to be a better me and live life up.

  1. I’ve been Diet Coke free for almost three years and fast food free (except Subway) for over 2 years, but the gym thing hasn’t stuck.  Of course my hip injury, surgery and losing ground on my rehab all play into that, but enough excuses. My 1st resolution that I’m striving for is to rebuild my hip strength and find an exercise schedule that I can stick to without overdoing it, but while continuing to improve my hip strength and endurance. This won’t be starting at a gym. Time to start back with my rehab exercises and ankle weights for a few weeks before I attempt the gym.
  2. Blog more. Write more. I say this every year and every year it comes and goes in spurts. This year I want to be consistent. I’ll never be a post every single day person, but with my hashtag a day book I’ll have content that I can do a year end recap on if I ever desire.  However I do strive to post at least monthly to my blogs. And to try to do some other writing as well.
  3. Read more.  I LOVE reading. You know those nerdy kids that hid flashlights & books under their pillows to read after bedtime? Yep, that was me! And that was after they took away my reading light for a while because I’d stay up all night reading.  I can’t tell you how many times I’d get in trouble in class when we were taking turns reading because I didn’t know where we were because instead of paying attention I had been reading ahead.  And the list of books I’ve finished in one sitting is quite long. All that said the last year I can hardly remember reading. I’m not sure why, but that’s going to change.
  4. Be kinder to others and myself. I’m often my biggest enemy. I want to strive to be kinder, nicer, and there for people around me regardless of if I know them or not. I strive to be more willing to forgive myself. Willing to believe in myself. Willing to be fine with myself just the way I am.
  5. Get out more. For fun. For networking. For whatever. Just get out more.
  6. Help others (MOTHER) realize that all that matters is happiness. I love my life. Now if only my family and friends could quit caring when I’m going to get married and have kids and just be happy, I’m happy.  Would I like to find a partner in crime eventually? Yes! But I’m not stressing about when it will happen.  I get to do what I want, when I want, so why would I stress? Do I get bored sometimes? Yes. But am I lonely? Hell no. If I can’t make her realize this, then this turns into learning to tune anyone that feels the need to ask why I’m single or comment on it out automatically.
  7. Do a RAOK at least once a month. Always participate in paying it forward. Say thank you more, for the little things. Show constant appreciation.
  8. Love loudly. Be that my coffee, a song, boots, dogs, my family & friends or should I find a partner in crime. Show my love for everything I love, loudly.  Remember to tell those that mean the most to me; that they do. Life is far too short to worry someone doesn’t know how you feel.
  9. Live my life to the fullest. Take every opportunity I can. Take chances. Take leaps of faith.  Live life out loud. Stop sitting on the sidelines.
  10. Listen to music more.  Step outside of my boundaries some. Embrace my favorites.  Listen to it at home, at the gym, in the car, at work and especially listen to it live. Music has always been one of my true loves…I need to remember to turn to it more.
  11.  Strive to become more organized organized and less chaos organized. This is a lifelong battle of mine when it comes to my mind, my email, my to do list and especially my bedroom.
  12.  Attempt to try new foods and healthier foods. I’m always going to be picky, but at least trying new things is important.
  13.  Continue to grow my volunteer experience and find ways to give back to the causes and organizations that mean the most to me, that have shaped me into the person I am, and find ways to do so while utilizing and growing my own talents.
  14.  More me time. Hot baths. Reading. Writing. Working out. Crafting. More time to enjoy myself and let the stress of life go.
  15. But most of all remember that simply because I don’t fulfill a resolution or goal that it doesn’t define me. I can define myself and failures and obstacles only make me stronger as long as I allow myself to learn from them.