2014. What a year.

I rang 2014 in with some of my favorite people. My MN crew which has become my MN fam.  I couldn’t have picked a better group of people to ring in 2014 and ring it out.


4 mailing addresses

Hundreds (if not a thousand) job applications

75 or so interviews

2 job offers

2 part time jobs

1 freelancing gig

3 Twins games

1 Wild game

1 Timberwolves game

1 ridiculously fun, but kinda chilly cabin weekend with my MN crew

1 trip to Texas

3 trips back to Pierre post move

3 trips to Sioux Falls/Mitchell post move

~16 nights of live country music

2 short visits from my parents

2 nights with the best entertainer, Garth Brooks

2 amazing roommates (not at the same time) well technically 3 if you count that I didn’t move out of Bets until Jan 4th or so.

Too many laughs, fun nights, and memories to count.

2014 might not have looked exactly like I imagined, but it was still damn good.

Now here’s to 2015 being even better. I have two very strong reasons why it will be that will be announced in the coming weeks!