6 years.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Other times it feels more like twenty years.

It was 6 years ago that a very good friend took his own life.

Like most say, Adam was the one person that I never thought would do that.

But the thing is there’s no real way to know if someone would or wouldn’t.

Hell it is hard to even know if someone is dealing with mental health or depression.

Our society has created such a negative stigma where people fear admitting it.

They fear reaching out for the help they need.

We must work together to erase the stigma.

Depression hurts. Suicide hurts.  Mental health hurts.

Let’s work together to stop the hurting. To find ways to cope. To make society a better place where we can truly be who we are even if that means admitting that we need help. Admitting that we are hurting. Admitting that we are struggling.

Erasing the stigma can start with me and you. With how we word and phrase things. With how we put interact on social media & the web. With how we allow ourselves to truly be there and support others when needed.

RIP Adam Cole Maberry. I still miss you so much, but I strive to continue to use your suicide to help others.