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As someone who has their Master in Communication Studies and works in communications daily I’ve come to realize that communication or lack thereof makes me about 10,000X more insane than the average person.  I literally apply the communication theories I learned in graduate school to my life daily. Especially to my dating life, well attempts at having a dating life I should say.

So here’s some tips if you’re dating or thinking about dating a communications person: (In reality I think that a lot of these would apply to dating most females…I can’t speak for the men)

  • If you’re interested in the other person try to show interest in the conversation even if you hate texting or whatever format of conversing is being used.
  • Ask questions.
  • Take interest.
  • Continue the conversation.
  • Respond in a reasonable amount of time. If you cannot fully respond let the person know you can’t talk now, but will respond later.
  • Be honest with the person about your feelings on communicating via various formats.
  • Find ways to communicate that meet your own level of comfort. Relay your levels of comfort on communication and formats of communication to the person from the get go.
  • If you decide you aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship with the person tell them.
    • They say that silence hurts more than hateful words. I fully agree with this.
    • Communications people will analyze and then over analyze why you aren’t talking to them until they make themselves sick.

These simple tips will go a long ways when it comes to dating someone who has a strong emphasis on communication. Above all the most important thing in dating anyone is honesty.  Always be honest with them and yourself.