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Today (21st) marks one month until I turn 28, so here are 28 things I believe in no particular order.

  1. I believe in chasing your dreams
  2. I believe that sometimes it is time to let go of old friendships
  3. I believe in love even though I haven’t found it (in the romantic sense) for myself yet
  4. I believe in laughter
  5. I believe that smiling is the best
  6. I believe in music
  7. I believe in the power of social media
  8. I believe in being selfish when you need to
  9. I believe in always being thankful for what you have no matter what you may be lacking
  10. I believe in hope
  11. I believe in the idea of love at first conversation
  12. I believe in friendship at first conversation
  13. I believe in talking it out
  14. I believe in the power of a good run
  15. I believe in life long learning
  16. I believe Jesus > Religion
  17. I believe love is better than hate
  18. I believe in 2nd chances
  19. I believe in making broad plans
  20. I believe that you can never plan for some of life’s hurdles
  21. I believe being happy is what matters at the end of the day
  22. I believe in making a difference
  23. I believe in the power of a song to take you back to times in your past like that
  24. I believe that many of us will always have a “what if” person, but that doesn’t mean we are supposed to act on it. If it was meant to be it would have been.
  25. I believe that the good and the bad in life got me to the person I am today, so I wouldn’t trade any of it in despite some of the struggles
  26. I believe that I will someday call myself a writer and not just an aspiring writer
  27. I believe that the tough times show you who really is there through thick and thin
  28. I believe in myself