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There are plenty of people who don’t understand why I’m only looking for jobs in the Twin Cities. Of course these people don’t know the real me, most likely.

Because as Lady Antebellum’s current single says, “So let your heart, sweet heart; Be your compass when you’re lost; And you should follow it wherever it may go.”

Well my heart is in Minnesota and has been for a while. And no, there isn’t a guy I’m moving for. I’m moving for my happiness. When I’m in Minnesota I’m truly at my happiest. I don’t know if it is the thought of a fresh start, the idea of finally living close to some of my closest friends, all the sporting events & concerts, all the networking opportunities, or something else. I just know that Minnesota is where I’m supposed to be going with this chance to start a new chapter in my book. Deep down in my heart it has been the only answer for months. Even before my door with PP was closed in SD I knew my next home would be Minnesota. I didn’t know when it would happen for sure, but I knew Minnesota was the next place for me. And with the partial and then fully closing of my door at PP it was the only answer. Even as I’m entering month 5 of job searching I haven’t once given up hope or started to think maybe I should find somewhere else to point my arrow. My arrow is pointed where my heart is, Minnesota.  As Kacey Musgraves says, “Just follow your arrow, Wherever it points.”

I’ll always be a South Dakota girl. You can’t take South Dakota out of this girl if you tried. But it is time for me to embrace my inner Minnesota girl. So whether it be this week or in a few weeks, Minnesota is the only place my compass will be taking me with my next move.