Life in transition is weird.

It has perks.

A 50lb Wheaten Terrier as my shadow and constant bed buddy. Family time which I’ll definitely appreciate when I’m living 7 hours away after being used to never living more than 4 hours away. Time to catch up on old shows and become addicted to new ones thanks to Netflix. Time to reflect on what I really want in life. Time to reflect on how far I’ve come in life. Time to rehab my hip. Time to find the right next step for me. Time to appreciate all the good in my life.

It also has plenty of cons.

Living out of suitcases. Lack of income. Lack of insurance. Being 7 hours away from the place where I want to be. Being 3 hours away from most of my packed boxes. Having to adjust to being under the parentals’ roof for more than an extended weekend. Having to justify every purchase I make.

Overall, I know this time will help make me a better person. A stronger person. And that the right door will open and I’ll understand why the 287(total guess, but the number is nearing that if not already past it.) other applications I submitted didn’t work out when it does.

But meanwhile if I seem down, if I seem crabby, or if I’m driving you nuts with posts about job applications just try to understand that I’m just trying to find my way through this odd time. Whatever the transition is, life in transition is rarely easy.