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2013 has been a year of ups & downs for sure. But despite all the hurdles that I’ve faced/am facing I have so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for…

  • My health…my hip is slowly healing and otherwise I’ve had a healthy year.
  • My family….I have the most amazing and supportive parents and brother. They truly are there for me no matter what. And 2013’s health battles have shown me how important every little moment spent with them is.
  • My extended family. From my step cousins in SD/MN, to my cousins in Oregon, to my 2nd/3rd cousins all over SD and other extended family members I am also thankful  an extended family near and far who care for me even if we don’t see each other often.
  • My family by meaning…I was blessed with a large family by meaning thanks to my parents picking David & Brenda as my godparents. Not only are they truly like family to me, April has and always will be my big sister by meaning and her kiddos will always be my nieces/nephew by meaning. I love the Reis family to the moon and back and am so happy to be able to consider them family by meaning.
  • My little sister by meaning…so glad to be able to call Kelcy my little sister by meaning and be a part of her and Carleigh’s lives.
  • My MN Twin…Twitter brought her into my life 3 years ago and I couldn’t imagine life without her. In 2013, she’s become one of my best friends and I can’t wait to be roommates in 2014!
  • Bry…Bry was far more than my chauffeur when I couldn’t drive, she’s one of my biggest supporters and is always willing to edit cover letters for me or meet for coffee when I need a pick me up. That girl has shown me that true friends don’t disappear when times get tough.
  • Bre and her little fam are always there for me when I need them. Whether it be sending me flowers after my surgery or just checking in on me regularly they know how to make me smile when I need it the most.
  • JLo. She pretty much has a second job of being my go-to editor for cover letters and even when she was stressed with her own family and life stuff she made sure to at least check on me via social media & texting.
  • Hannah, Kel Bell, Pecheny, Roby, Senia, Jeffy, Katie: Whether it was coming to visit me after my surgery or being my partner in crime when I needed out of the house these ladies (and gentleman) were there for me when I needed them!
  • Country music. Country music has done so much for me. It has brought friends and opportunities into my life. It has been my therapy on long drives. It has provided me with unforgettable memories and adventures. It is truly the soundtrack of my life.
  • My twitter family. Twitter has brought so many amazing people into my life. Some I’ve met IRL, others I haven’t yet; but I can truly say I’ve made many friends from twitter and they’ve helped me to get through the recent hurdles I’ve had. I can’t imagine life without my twitter family. They bring me smiles and laughter all the time. I’m especially thankful for Leah, Sara, Erin, Erica, Kim, Kelly, and Michelle.
  • Trav & the MN Crew. My MN Twin’s bf has become one of my closest guy friends these last few months. From our drunken heart to hearts when Megan can’t help but laugh at us, to our random twitter bantering, to our FB convos I’m so glad that he’s a part of Megan’s life and has welcomed me into his group of friends! Heck without him I wouldn’t have my first MN roomie, Rose.
  • All the other friends, family friends, and people who have been there for me during the good times and the bad times of 2013 through words of support or other ways.
  • Anyone else who’s impacted my life this year, especially those that have managed to make me smile when I needed it the most during the last few months whether it be a random pickup line in the bar, a tweet of encouragement, a job link, a smile when you pass me on the street, or something else I’m thankful for it.

So while my future might be up in the air with my position being completely cut from the budget for 2014, I still have so much to be thankful. I’m blessed with people in my life that make it easy to remember to smile my best smile and laugh like it’s going out of style despite the hurdles that 2013 has thrown my way.

Life is all about how you make it, so always remember to make the best of the worst. Times might be tough, but you can make the best of it and it will make it easier to get through/over the hurdles in your life.