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So obviously with the job news life has been a bit more difficult the last few weeks than I’d like to admit.

I love being the girl known for always smiling and being positive through every obstacle life has given me though, so I figured I’d share a fun list that I’ve been working on and reminding myself to look at when I get down in the rut of job searching.

Pros to Moving To the Twin Cities in no particular order

  1. Living close to my MN Twin and that whole gang! I’ve had so much fun every night I’ve spent with them thus far so having many more of those nights is a very happy thought!
  2. Minnesota Twins. Need I say more?
  3. Toby Keith’s & Cowboy Jack’s. This girl loves a good country bar and no Buck’s isn’t country so don’t even try to say it is.
  4. So many concert venues. So much live music. So much live country music from local to big artists.
  5. So many more country music concert buddies!
  6. Being near one of my first Twitter friends that turned into a real life friend….Leah!
  7. New eye candy. Let’s be honest Sodak is lacking on the eye candy. Or at least eye candy that has any prospect of being more given my dating standards/political beliefs.
  8. Living in a state in which I’m not in the minority with my political beliefs.
  9. Minnesota Vikings.
  10. So many of my twitter friends live in the Twin Cities…it will be awesome to see them more often/meet more of the ones I haven’t met yet! I am especially looking forward to seeing Sara, Erica, Kristen, Ashley, and Michelle more!
  11. More networking opportunities.
  12. More education opportunities.
  13. More to do for fun.
  14. Did I mention eye candy all ready? Well it might just deserve a double mention.
  15. All the shopping choices. All the food choices. Just so much more to offer than SD.
  16. Better job choices to begin with. More advancement opportunities.
  17. Did I mention more country music from concerts, to concert buddies to country bars?
  18. So close to Valley Fair & Westside Skydive!
  19. My cousin and her adorable puppy Ellison!
  20. Blue state. Need I say more?