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Last week I was nervously awaiting my year review with my boss because that’s how I am. I get nervous about little things that should be nothing.

Well turns out my nerves were right. But for a different reason than a year review that never actually happened.

My boss sat down in my office. Tried to make a minute or two of small talk and then dropped the bomb shell.

My position was being cut to part-time despite his trying to fight it.

This would be effective 9/23.

I lose it. Like completely broke down.

I’m kind of embarrassed, but then again I am not. I was completely blind sided and given I’ve paid more than $2000 out of pocket this year on my hip alone with many medical bills still coming and have a surgery soon to be scheduled this was more than simply losing income. This was losing income when corners are already being cut.

And my employer or at least my boss knew about the situation with my hip already.

I am lucky that my benefits will remain intact. But finding part time employment to supplement is interesting when you know that you’ll be on crutches for at least a week sometime in the next month. And given my clubfeet working retail is extremely hard on me already. Add in the hip injury and I don’t really know if it will be possible.

Yet if it wasn’t for the hip injury and upcoming surgery and short notice on the cut in hours I think I’d actually be okay with this news.

This is a blessing in disguise despite the bad timing. Staying on part time and having to work another part time gig isn’t feasible long term and my boss understands that.

So this is my easy escape without burning any bridges.

See I love the cause I work for. I really do, but it was already starting to wear on me fighting this fight in a state like South Dakota.

This is my chance to get out of South Dakota. My chance to get out of politics while I’m still passionate so I can still be a great advocate from the sidelines.

The timing sucks, but I’ll get through it. It’s just another obstacle in defining Megan.