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I’m a South Dakota girl through and through.

South Dakota will always be home.

The bridge over the Missouri River between Chamberlain and Oacoma will always be where I first start to feel home. From there until I see the lights of Ft. Pierre/Pierre my heart just feels at home. Always has. Always will.

But it’s time to take the girl out of South Dakota even though you can’t take South Dakota out of this girl.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not actually South Dakota that has done me wrong. It’s more the politics of the state. But this progressive needs to roam eastward a bit.

So with the news of last week this girl is officially planning to dig up my roots. My roots that have been set in South Dakota soil for over 27 years.

The roots that have dreamed of escaping SD from time to time have been yearning for some new soil and scenery for a while.

These roots are yearning for MN soil to be exact.

Well at least that’s the plan, but really these roots will be happy where my heart can be happy. And my heart will be happy when I find a job that I can love without having to be so stressed I don’t sleep or fear that I’ll lose more family over my passions.

While I’ll always be passionate about women’s rights with the news of last week I’ve decided that it is time to focus on some of my other passions when it comes to my career for the sake of my mental sanity.

So I’m digging up these roots. I’m job searching. And I’m dreaming and planning for a day when I can work in a job I love without stress levels that I hate.