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Life has thrown me plenty of hurdles over the years and I’ve always overcome them for the better.

Well life is back at it. Just as I was really starting to enjoy running again it threw me a rather painful one. A right Acetabular Labral tear to be exact.

What is that?

That would be the cartilage in your hip socket.

It all started two months ago when training for the Color Vibe 5K. I felt a popping sensation in my hip one day. Thought I popped my hip out which isn’t too crazy for someone with severe club feet. Took a week off from the gym and still had intense pain in my inner groin area of hip. Finally at the beginning of June I went in on it. Nothing was broken, but my doctor (who did my first surgery on my feet back in 1989) suspected a acetabular labral tear. So I was scheduled for an MRI/Arthrogram two weeks later.

The MRI/Arthrogram just happened to be scheduled for the same day as my mom’s left Achilles repair surgery. Yeah my family is talented, let me tell ya!

No one bothered to ever explain the arthrogram to me. Well it wasn’t fun to say the least. And I’ve never been a fan of staying still or tight places so an hour in the MRI machine was brutal.

Come to find out I did have a tear. My doctor doesn’t do the arthroscopic surgery needed to repair it, but prescribed a cortisone shot before he would refer me out to another doctor.

Cortisone shots are also not a fun experience. And mine really didn’t seem to make much of a difference in my pain. And by this point it’s not just hurting when I run or walk, it’s hurting daily regardless of what I do.

So I go in for another follow up appointment to find that my doctor is going to refer me to his colleague who can do the surgery. This is where it gets fun.

Upon walking in to the room this new doctor didn’t impress me. He seemed to think that it would be funny to tell me that his number one recommendation was that I simply stop running/being active. At least I hope that he was just trying to be funny. I’m giving him one hell of a benefit of a doubt given the rudeness I’ve dealt with from doctors over the years thinking I should simply be grateful I can walk and not try to do more.

Well we all know how stubborn I am. I reacted quite vocally about this. I have been told time and time again that my club feet would never be able to handle weight gain and with obesity struggles on both sides of my family that means that I must stay active in order to keep myself out of a wheelchair. I’m fortunate enough to have a high metabolism, but someday that might change.

After realizing that either he wasn’t funny or that I wouldn’t listen to that recommendation he talked about how he didn’t recommend the procedure because quite honestly he’d had it and didn’t make it back to his prime. What he failed to really consider is prime for a former collegiate athlete and prime for me are two very different things.

So 6 weeks of PT before he’ll even consider operating on me. How I’m supposed to do PT when I can barely walk up and down our stairs a few times a day without ending up in pain by the end of the day I don’t quite know.

Needless to say even if it takes finding a new doctor I will defeat this hurdle. I will not let a tear or a rude doctor keep me from continuing to do my best to never let my club feet define me.