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Me, the girl that used to wear bike shorts underneath my dresses so I could still play on the monkey bars has worn a dress to work every single day for the last 4 weeks. Crazy…I know. I won’t deny that I do wear boy shorts underneath on days I know it’s supposed to be windy, but I’ve gotten a little better I guess.

Even when I haven’t been in much of a country music phase for the last few months summer weather means beer & live country music to me. Always has. Always will.

The one thing that bugs me most about my clubfeet is that there is no such thing as cowboy boots that look cute with dresses that I can wear with my feet. So petty, I know. And don’t get me wrong I love my Durangos, but even if I didn’t have super skinny legs they still aren’t made to rock with dresses.

People that hate country music just to hate it make me crazy. What I mean is so many people honestly don’t seem to give it a chance.

On that note people that hate the newer sounds of country music and claim it’s not country. The amazing thing about country has always been it’s power to bring people together and not be defined by one set of standards. Let’s not change that.

I think I’ve gone through more mid twenties crisises than can ever be considered normal. And I suppose I’m actually more of late twenties at 27 than mid twenties.

Mess with my family and you mess with me. Enough said.

There are certain things you just don’t say to a girl. Especially if you are trying to hit on her. Like political digs? You just don’t go there if you want a chance with her.

Just because someone offers you a ride home doesn’t mean that he/she is inviting you home. It means said person is nice and would prefer you did not die in a drunk driving accident. Don’t make me regret that.

If someone works in politics they may enjoy arguing politics, but that doesn’t mean they want to do that when out for a good time. In fact they probably don’t.

Don’t call me sweetheart when I walk by to hit on me. A. I’m not that sweet and B. you don’t know me.