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So last week while in DC for work I did something some might find crazy.

Without even knowing the name of the band I agreed to go to a show with Taylor and some of his friends. I knew absolutely nothing about the band until I had already met up with the guys.

And then how was the band which I had never heard of before described to me?

“Disco Orchestra”

Yep, you can imagine that I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Going to the venue, 9:30 Club, all I knew was disco orchestra and 20 piece band and that they were named Escort.

Taylor gave me a little bit more of the back story while we waited for them to start.

I was intrigued. All 4 guys were kinda shocked I just agreed to go to a show knowing nothing about the band and having never even listened to one song.

But the thing is, I love music. And I love love love live music.

And well let’s be honest, I trust Taylor’s taste in music. He’s only been providing me with playlists for almost 5 months, but in those 5 months my musical taste has expanded so much and I have found all these new bands/songs that I love.

Yet, again he proved to be right/have good taste. It was an awesome show. I really enjoyed the music and was dancing along with it. I’m sure had I known the songs I would have had even more fun, but really I had a ton of fun as it was.

I would definitely recommend catching Escort if they ever come to your area. It’s so hard to describe them, but they are worth a listen and they put on a show full of energy and fun.