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What’s your biggest fear?

To not reach my dreams.

I have the biggest fear that I won’t ever reach any higher than I already am. Yes, I’ve accomplished a lot of my dreams in my 27 years, but there is so much more that I want to do with my life.

To be defined by my medical conditions or situation which I’ve been through.

I’m determined that my club feet will never define who I am. Nor do I want my allergies or other medical conditions to define who I am. And I definitely don’t want situations like the story I finally shared to define who I am. I am so much more than what I’ve been through and dealt with during my life. Although I wouldn’t be the strong driven young lady that I am if not for some of that.

To disappoint my loved ones.

I act so strong, but my family and other loved one’s approval means more to me than I ever care to admit. And I know I have that approval, but I can’t deny that I have a fear that I might disappoint them at some point.

And well while not my biggest fear by any means, there are days that I worry I won’t ever find the one to spend the rest of my life with.