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Playing catch up after a weekend of getting behind on blogging.

My biggest accomplishment:

I’m torn between saying my education/career or my clubfeet.

While my education/career is a big accomplishment…I honestly have to say that my triumphs in my constant battle with Bilateral Talipes Equinovarus win this one. Club feet.

I was born with a severe form. So severe the doctors initially told my parents I might never walk. I was told that only 1 in a million people are born with it as severe as mine was.

I’ve had 2 major surgeries on my feet, have worn braces, and still have to wear inserts in my shoes. I’ll never be able point my toes or wear high heels.

But I’ve conquered so much I was never supposed to and plan to continue to do that.

I don’t believe that Club Feet defines me and I will do my best to make that always be true. I use it to empower me to prove doctors and people wrong.

I use it to remind myself that if I can run and work out which was never expected, especially at this age, that I have to take advantage of that.

And most of all if I can accomplish beating the odds in regards to my feet than I truly can chase my dreams and probably reach them too.