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What’s on your I-pod? 

Well my actual Ipod has a fried battery plus hasn’t been synced in over 2 years since I never moved my music to my newest laptop….so I only use it once in a while getting ready. So what you’d find on it is all my music from graduate school = country, rock, hip hop, rap, pop, and pretty much just the most random collection.

What I really use is my iphone…and even then I use spotify more than the itunes.

So what’s on my spotify or what have I been listening to lately?

Well until last November that answer would have been 96% country radio country music.

But in November, Taylor began introducing me to a wide variety of music. Country grunge. Garage. And some stuff that I can’t even quite place in any genre. And I’ve loved it. I still have random country radio country urges. But they are few and far between. It’s awesome to listen to music that isn’t overplayed on the radio every single day. Music that has deep lyrical meanings. And music that musically is far superior to most of the stuff that I used to listen to.

Some of my favorite songs/artists right now:

She Likes Hair Bands – Butch Walker

My Way – Butch Walker

Closer – Tegan & Sara

Stand My Ground – Diamond Rings

A to Z – Diamond Rings

Goddamn Lonely Love – Drive-By Truckers

Plant White Roses – Kelly Hogan

Another Like You – Hayes Carll

Just Make It Stop – Low

Wild One – Those Darlins

Lovin’ Her Was Easier – Richard Buckner

Stuck On The Treadmill – Richard Thompson

Lucero, The Walkmen, Todd Snider, Warren Zevon, Josh Rouse, Lambchop, The Avett Brothers, and so many more.

I’m kinda obsessed with music. Like I can’t work without it. I need it playing in my car, when I’m working out, when I’m trying to fall asleep, when I’m cleaning, when I’m showering….I just love music.

I’m not just the country girl anymore. And honestly, I’m glad.