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Something I miss:

Spring/summer weather. I’m meant to be a sunkissed girl. I live for my being tan and living in shorts, skirts, and dresses all summer long. Warm weather makes me a very happy girl.

My puppy. Okay really Lola(Lola Bear) is my 4-legged little sister. We finally bonded when I was home for my Grandpa’s funeral and now I actually miss her in between trips home which are far too rare for how close home is.

My dance body. For weighing virtually the same as I did in high school…well maybe 10 pounds more, but a needed 10 pounds I lost all my tone to my body during college/my two stints in a walking boot. I am slowly becoming more dedicated to getting toned up again. I have no desire to lose weight, I just want more muscles and to be fit. I even went as far as to go to the gym even though I didn’t feel great tonight…best choice ever…that 2.5 miles made me feel 1000X better.

My little bears. I love my little bears so much and haven’t seen them nearly enough over the last few years. I wish I could pause time so they stop growing so fast while my life is so busy.

My family. My godparents. My sisters by meaning. CJ. And heck even my 4-legged nephew even if we rarely get along.

The friends from a far who are my biggest cheerleaders, mentors, reasons to smile, and so much more. This applies to several people across the country. I’m blessed to have amazing friends near and far.

Time to read. Time to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, my job, my volunteer work, and everything else. But there are days where I wish I had more free time and less commitments.