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The last book(s) you read:

Growing up I’d hoard books. I mean I’d go to the library and check out 5-7 books and have them read within the week. My parents took away my bedstand light and hid flashlights from me because I’d try to stay up all night reading. I loved books. And that continued even through college. When I could I’d go to the Vermillion public library or check out books back in Pierre when I was home for breaks.

However I moved to Sioux Falls almost 3 years ago and have yet to get a library card. I’ve planned on it several times and have just never managed to follow through. I still did have some moments of book reading frenzy since living here. Right after the campaign ended in 2010, I used a B&N giftcard I’d had for months up and bought myself like 10 mindless books and enjoyed them greatly.

However my reading hasn’t been as successful lately. I try….but whether it’s a mindless book or something that I can also use for work I can’t seem to get into much. I have hundreds of books in my kindle cloud(and I don’t even own a kindle) waiting to be read. I even have a few books on my bookshelf I never read.

The latest attempt has been for work and pleasure all at once. I’v been attempting to read To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism. I picked this book by choice, but knowing I’d also be able to use it for the book review we do in our monthly newsletter with our coalition partner.

However, I’ve struggled with it…even though it is separate essays, I just can’t get into it. I re-read line after line because I lose focus. I’m attempting to finish it by tomorrow so I can write a review of it this week, but it isn’t going well. I think I’ll be rewarding myself with a truly mindless new book this weekend. Or maybe a library card since books for my upcoming DC flights would be nice.