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My Daily Routine:

Daily routine? What’s that. See my job is 8-5 some days and other days it is 8am-11pm. It isn’t just M-F. And there are days I work remotely from home or elsewhere.

I don’t really have a daily routine, but I’ll try to describe my average routine as best as possible.

My alarm goes off anywhere between 4:30 and 7:30 depending on the day, what I think clips will be like and if I’m doing clips from home.

I normally shower at night, but if not I get up an hour before I need to, to shower and then let myself crawl back in bed until second alarm while hair air dries.

If I did shower the night before I straighten my hair, pack my laptop bag, and pack my gym bag up while getting ready. (Unless I’m doing clips from home then I get up and get coffee and do clips in bed.

*Clips = press clips from all media outlets I can find mentioning certain related topics and SD or mentioning our organization.

Once in the office I get clips off to our main office by 9:30 most mornings unless I have a meeting first or computer problems.

My work day is spend on conference calls, writing, research, drafting social media, and plotting opportunities. Legislative session always makes things even crazier so I really haven’t had a routine as of late. I almost always eat at my desk while working unless I’m really needing a break for my eyes/sanity.

I typically leave the office between 5 and 7. If it’s a gym date day I eat a light dinner in the office because I can’t workout without a little bit of energy in me. I then head to the gym for 60-90 mins of cardio. I will soon be incorporating weights too. Oh joy.

I come home eat again, shower, and do some work or blogging or pinterest in bed or watch the west wing or whatever other show until I make a mug of sleepytime extra tea and attempt sleep. No matter how early I try to go to bed I rarely go to bed before midnight.

That’s my routine. It will hopefully be less crazy in the coming months so I can feel like I have a little more time for myself!