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Biggest Pet Peeve:

Apathy. Especially political apathy makes me sooo angry. I struggle to understand people that don’t care, don’t vote, and don’t educate themselves.

Talking points. Both sides of any issue are known for talking points, but those people that can’t get past the talking points or talk from their heart about something make me very stabby. I know talking points by heart, but I also can dig deeper with statistics, facts, and personal stories to back up the talking points.

Being passive aggressive. I detest this. I’m all about honesty. Perhaps brutal honesty, but honesty. I can’t read minds. And when people are passive aggressive rather than being honest it makes me crazy.

Other pet peeves: subtweeting, Facebook (even though I manage 3 pages and have my personal one), slow drivers, people that cut me off, mainstream radio, reality tv(unless it’s The Voice!), and people that claim they are for small government until it comes to my uterus.