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My Dream Job

Well I’m kind of already in my dream job. Well one of them.

My ultimate dream job would be working as a speech writer for a progressive pro-choice president.

Think Sam Seaborn in The West Wing. Yep, that’s my dream job. Or think a combination between George Stephanopoulos and James Carville ala Clinton Presidential campaign 1992.

I love everything about communications, social media, and progressive politics. My job in 2010 as Deputy Communications Director for one of the hottest House races in the US was my dream job for having just graduated with my MA. The time between that position and my current position were miserable. Communications is where I’m meant to be. And  politics is a strong passion of mine.

 I love working as a Public Affairs Manager for a women’s health organization right now. I love combining my education, job experience, and passion into my job. I love fighting the good fight.

I do hope to someday do more. Have a louder voice and more choice in the voice. To focus more on communication and social media. To be the voice for a cause/organization.

But I am blessed with a job I love that not only utilizes my education, but also my passions.