What Makes You Happy:

My little bears, my family, my sisters by meaning, CJ, puppies, music, the perfect extra dry cappuccino, West Wing, Twins baseball, volunteering, feminists, pro-choice guys, writing, a clean room (even though I hate cleaning…), Gerber daisies or really any pretty flowers, my besties/friends, new playlists, bantering with my favorites, dancing, smiling, laughing, motorcycles, riding horses, facing my fears, trying new things (but not new food!), summertime, sunshine, Sons of Anarchy (when I’m not cursing them for the latest plot line…), being tan, the color pink, coffee, quotes, social media, good morning kisses (even if I don’t ever get them…), the butterflies in your stomach when you can’t wait to see someone again (also on list of things that make me crazy), guacamole/salsa and chips, catching up with old friends, meeting new people, talking, concerts/live music, any live baseball game, buying the perfect gift for someone, SATC marathons, FRIENDS, Sports Center, a good run/workout(note that I’m not happy during…but once done!), Sooners Football, almost any live sporting event, Cosmopolitan (the magazine), windows down music up kinda drives, junk food, life, the people who make me smile, mutual feelings, honesty, phone dates, skype dates, gchat dates, fb chat dates, communication, comfy clothes, shorts weather, pool days, The Frisky, sending email novel updates to friends, getting gifts that mean the world to me without expecting them, new running shoes, chocolate milk (Nesquick!), and so much more! I’m blessed with lots of people and things that make me happy!