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Everyone that knows me knows that I live for music. Sure a good portion of my favorite songs are because I enjoy them musically or because they are feel good songs, but I also have those songs I connect to on a deep lyrical level.

I love lyrics…at least 75% of the time if I choose to listen to a song over and over it is because there is something in the lyrics that pulls me in, that I connect with, or that is just plain catchy.

Song lyrics are stories. And I’m all about communication and talking and telling the story of who I am. If I tell you to listen to a song there is a chance it is because I just like the song in general, but I could also want you to hear the story within the song.

The power of a song is an amazing thing. Like the power of “Learning to Live Again” by Garth Brooks. That song hit me so strongly lyrically, that I took on a life motto from it and had it tattooed on my side.

However I do also believe that 6 people can listen to the same song and find different meanings in the lyrics. That is, beyond the actual words, the lyrics take meaning to each person differently depending on their state of mind when they first hear the song, their experiences, and so much more.

While I have entered a phase where I don’t listen to much of what is considered “typical country” as of late, I decided to check out Randy Houser’s new album How Country Feels on spotify this week.

The album is great for country music. That’s not meant as a dig at it, but country music just isn’t what my ears crave right now.

However there was one song on the album which I can’t stop listening to.

Power of a Song.

That’s the power of a song
It grabs you by the heart
It’s gonna find you when it wants to
No matter where you are
That’s the miracle of music
Love’s the only thing as strong
That can move you when you hear it
That’s the power, the power of a song

I don’t even think I need to write a description of why given the above lyrics. Listen to it below. And you will understand what the power of a song is. The lyrics combined with Randy’s absolutely beautiful voice that shows true emotion in this song and you are automatically pulled in. This song has officially earned itself a place on my Music with Meaning playlist.