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In 2013 my main goal is to take more risks. Chase more dreams. Do more things for the first time.

And at least in planning, I’m off to a good start on that!

Tonight I booked my first plane ticket ever. Sure I’ve flown on two previous trips (Washington DC June 2000 & Baltimore November 2003), but I’ve never been the one buying the ticket.

And I’ve never flown alone.

Heck at that I’ve never taken this kind of crazy, unplanned “solo” vacation ever before.

I bought my ticket not knowing for sure where I’m staying or who will be picking me up from the airport/dropping me off. I have enough friends/acquaintances there that I’m sure someone can lend me their couch for 4 nights.

I bought my ticket with only 6 hopes for the trip…Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, Washington Nationals game, random wandering, meeting some of my twitter friends like Amy, Eric, and Jacob, and hanging out with my S4SD/HH4ND friends. And of course lots of laughter!

I feel slightly nervous about having purchased a ticket with no definitive plans, but at the same time am thrilled to be able to go with the flow with this vacation.

Here’s hoping 2013 brings a trip that fulfills the 6 hopes I have for it, lots more “firsts”, tons of smiles and laughter. And of course live music and baseball. But those two are a given in my life, right?

Cannot wait for DC April 11-15!