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I used to be one of those people that didn’t post/make New Year’s Resolutions because I would never keep them anyways.

However, last year I did pretty decent and I like to think of it as setting goals to challenge myself to continue on a path to becoming a better person and defining me.

So here we go some of these are repeats from the past and some are new.

1. No fast food. Whatsoever. Not even Taco John’s. The only exceptions that will be made is Subway if absolutely necessary when traveling.

2. Read at least 25 books. That should be an easy goal to reach since I used to read about 10 books a month, but I haven’t been as focused on reading for fun in recent years.

3. Travel! Travel outside of the Midwest for fun. 2013 goals: Washington DC, Texas (the grandparents), and maybe somewhere else for fun!

4. Workout regularly. This will consist of biking, weights, running, and other cardio workouts on average of 3 times a week.

5. Save more money. Yet still have tons of fun, so learn to cut corners where I can while still having fun money!

6. Say I love you to my friends, family, and loved ones more often.

7. Be myself. No matter what others may think or say.

8. Live life to the fullest and have fun!


General Goals

1. Write more as long as I enjoy it.

2. Always strive to do my best.

3.  Continue to love life.

4. Be Happy.

5. Smile and laugh every single day.

6. Chase my dreams.