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2012. Wow…who would have thought that when I said 2012 was going to be my year (Well mine and JLo’s), how right I was for both of us?

It’s indescribable how amazing 2012 was to me. Seriously.

Sure there were a few down moments in the first few months, but in reality those were lessons and obstacles that needed to take place for me to get where I am today.

In 2012 I learned so much about myself. I grew as a person and I hope that I also grew as a friend.

In 2012, I started a new dream job that has inspired so much passion and bigger dreams within me.

2012 showed me why some people aren’t meant to stay in your life. Sometimes doors need to shut for you to move on with your life. Not everyone you meet is meant to be a part of the whole journey.

The shutting of a door isn’t always easy in the moment; but with time you will see why the door was meant to shut and find that new doors present themselves.

2012 allowed me to see that I can accomplish my dreams. That I can reach the stars, and that I am a very strong young lady.

2012 provided me with the realization that those few people who I can tell anything and everything to are so much more valuable than having 1000’s of friends. I love all my friends and family, but I’m lucky to have a few that I can lean on 100%.

2012 showed me that I should never just settle for getting by when it comes to jobs or people if I want to be truly happy.

I’m thankful for all of the obstacles, lessons, memories, new friends, time with old friends and family, and fun that 2012 brought me.

I’m especially thankful for the memories of the nights that I’ll never forget with some of my favorite people.

Here’s to an even more amazing 2013.