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Inspiration from Pintrest.

Now many people look to Pinterest for inspiration for recipes, crafts, dream weddings, and dream closets. And well I can’t lie, I have all those boards. But the boards I actually go look back at when I’m in a rut or a bad mood are my quote boards. I have several different boards full of quotes. I suppose one could say I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Here’s a few pins that have made my favorite board, To Do List: Path to a Better Megan, lately.

To Do List: Path to a Better Megan is a board I made when I was feeling stuck in my old job and somewhat lost in life.  I knew that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but I was struggling to get where I wanted to be and thus was constantly trying to keep the faith and be the happy Megan that I’m known to be.

The thing is, it’s really a board I can use almost daily. I think everyone can use the reminder to be positive, to keep the faith, to be yourself, and so much more on a daily basis. While today I love my new job, have weeded out so much of the negative in my life, and continue to prove to be the happy go lucky Megan I’m known to be, it’s not without practice. We all have our down moments; and for me quotes and music is how I bring myself back up.

Feel free to check out that board here: http://pinterest.com/twinsbsballgirl/to-do-list-path-to-a-better-megan/

But don’t judge my other cliche boards if you happen along them. It’s part of the fun of pinterest.