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As you’ll find my original 30 by 30 post here you’ll notice I haven’t really accomplished that much since I wrote it.

Of course I’ve also failed at blogging the last few months—but alas that’s because life has been going so darn great. And well blogging has always been a therapy for me, so during the good times I have less need to write my life out.

But back to my 30 by 30…at the rate I’m going I won’t even have half of it finished by my 30th birthday, February 21, 2016.

That needs to change….so who is going to challenge me to get stuff on this list done?

Or better yet pick something to do with me?

30 things I want to do by my 30th birthday:

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Run a 5K
  3. Learn how to shoot a gun & go hunting
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Finish the first draft of my first novel
  6. Learn how to keep my bedroom clean & organized
  7. Run a 10K
  8. Travel abroad
  9. Learn how to cook more options and become a better baker.
  10. Learn how to surf
  11. Learn to jump on horseback
  12. Go horseback riding on the beach
  13. Learn to snorkel/scuba dive
  14. Go white water rafting
  15. Ride in a hot air balloon
  16. Ride a mechanical bull (and stay on for at least 4 seconds)
  17. Learn how to drive a motorcycle(get my license.)
  18. Go rock climbing
  19. Swim with dolphins
  20. See the Empire State Building
  21. Become a morning person
  22.  Make a difference in someone’s life
  23.  Give back to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Minneapolis, MN in some form
  24.  Complete NaNoWriMo (not happening this year, sadly)
  25.  Become involved in Suicide Prevention in honor of Adam & all the others I’ve known
  26. Go to a professional sporting event for a sport for the first time (NBA, WNBA, NHL, NASCAR, ATP)
  27.  Promote more research into genetic causes behind bilateral talipes equinovarus.
  28.  Prove my doctors wrong about being in a wheelchair
  29.  Turn my passions into a career
  30. Fall in Love