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Well I’ve absolutely failed at blogging lately. And I vow to get better about it.

That probably won’t happen instantly, but I do have a few big changes to announce that kind of explain my quiet summer.

At the end of July I moved in with my new friend Betsy. We met through a mutual friend and she was looking for a renter/roomie and I was looking for somewhere new to live.

Man has it been an amazing move. I love living in a house. I don’t think I could ever live in an apartment again now that I have experienced how awesome house living is.

And we get along great. Instant friends is an understatement. We have a lot in common and already have a Nashvegas trip in the plans for next summer!

And today marks two weeks at the new job. Yes, you read that right, new job. Like career type job. It’s amazing. I’m working for an organization I truly believe in and am passionate about as South Dakota’s Public Affairs Manager for them. As with any new job, the first few weeks have been kind of chaotic as I learn the ropes and get stuff organized, but I’m so ready to be full out boots on the ground into my work!

I still have an amazing and crazy summer of Twins games, country music concerts, weddings, and fun to update  the blog world on.

But for now Happy Friday and have a great weekend!