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It’s so dumb that I let something likes shoes put me in a tizzy.

But for once I’d like to be able to find shoes that are at least somewhat fashionable that I can wear/wear comfortably.

My clubfeet doesn’t define me. And it won’t ever define me.

But my clubfeet will always cause me to stand out like a sore thumb when in weddings. It will always cause me to have to search high and low to even attempt to find shoes that might be considered cute while still being something that I can wear.

I finally had to resort to wearing work boots to ride in after getting stepped on by a  darn stubborn horse a few years ago. Before that I had always worn tennis shoes to ride because cowboy boots have a heel. Even riding boots have a heel. And when you have clubfeet as severe as mine and fused ankle joints, well heels just don’t work. I literally CANNOT walk in them.

Which it’s fine. I’m 26 and I’ve learned to deal with it by now, it still gets me frustrated at times, but in general it’s not a big deal.

However, I can’t imagine how my parents dealt with telling me I couldn’t wear the shoes my friends were, growing up. It’s something that makes me question if I want  to ever risk having biological children. Am I ready to tell  kids that they can’t do sports or can’t wear the shoes their friends are? I don’t know. Good thing I’m not ready for kids at all right now so I don’t have anything to stress about yet.

And maybe by then there will be a shoe designer out there that understands that some people want the fashion of the “cool” shoes, while still being something they can wear.