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The summer of 2012 is going to be an amazing one if I do say so myself!

I will be kicking it off EARLY with Krrofest with my JLo. This should be an interesting experience. Neither of us are really the metal/rock type, but she was interested in seeing Pretty Reckless and I have a secret love for Buckcherry despite hating the only song of theirs that ever made it really big. So we are going to chance a new experience and hopefully won’t have nightmares from Manson’s lyrics!

Then Memorial Day Weekend will involve taking Ames’ Twins & Target Field virginity!   And it will be my first time back to Target Field since July of 2010! I cannot wait for a weekend of baseball, fun, and sun!

June brings another weekend in Minneapolis for Kolby’s bachelorette party! Should be a fun weekend! Then we have Country Throwdown here on June 22nd starting off summer officially on a great note! Gary Allan, Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson, and Florida Georgia Line–and that is just the main stage! I am so excited for what should be a great night of sun, country music, and beer!

Then the 3 weeks of wedding craziness will kick off: Kolby’s wedding weekend, Sam’s bachelorette party, and Sam’s wedding are three weekends in a row with the 4th of July falling in the middle of all that chaos. I will be SO ready for a break after that.

Then my summer will slow down a little bit (maybe). Debating a Twins trip at the end of July to see more of my favorite MN tweeps!

August will bring the Sioux Empire Fair potentially.

But most importantly August will bring the Brown County Fair! Three nights of country music concerts with Ames and staying with her wonderful parents in Bath!

Then with September comes the SD State Fair…where I hope to take my mom for the Steve Miller Band! And potentially hit up Chris Young too if my checking account will allow. Then on the 15th I get to take JLo’s Twin’s virginity!

This summer is bound to be a hectic one, but I cannot wait for fun with some of my favorite friends. And on top of all of that this summer will bring a move, a new roommate (or two), and my first dog of my own….although I may wait until the end of summer for the dog because of all the trips!

Now to find a date to those weddings….only fun loving, down for a good time guys need apply. (:

I also need to find some time for fishing, relaxing, working on my tan, kickball, and the basic fun that every summer has to have in it!