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Sometimes there is someone in your life who you have to love because they are family. Even if they don’t necessarily deserve your love.

My grandfather and me have never had a good relationship.

He’s never liked me.

And he’s always been vocal about it.

I can deal with that, but him now showing that hate of me to my father kills me.

My dad should never have to see his own father’s hate of his baby girl.

My dad as an only child is stuck between standing by his father because he has to and walking away because of the way his father treats his wife & daughter.

I would never ask my dad to walk away, but I have to say after every thing my grandfather has put me through in the last year; I have to walk away. I’ve stood and battled back for years as he makes it clear that he considers me inferior simply because I’m a woman. As he’s hated on me because I stand up to him, unlike many in our family. But now he has turned his hate to a new level in the last year and tried to use his loneliness to justify it. I don’t want to hate him so I am walking away after his latest antic so that I don’t hate him whenever the time comes around to say goodbye.

I won’t put up with someone in my life who can’t love me for me. Who can’t let me chase my dreams. Who can’t admire my ability to always stand up for myself.

I’ll always love him. I’ll always miss the glimmers of a relationship we did have when Dottie tried to help us have a relationship. But almost a year after her death, my grandpa has started to show his true colors again.

Colors I’m not willing to stand for anymore.

So in spite of his hate, I will go so far in this world.

I will chase my dreams. And I will reach them.

Because I am not the person he thinks I am. I am so much more.