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She Runs

It’s the title of the below ad from Scheels which is simply amazing. And it has inspired me to explain why I run.

I haven’t been able to truly put  into words what draws me to running to this day. I mean obviously I am extremely proud of proving my doctors wrong. Proving to every single kid that ever laughed at my plastic orthotics growing up; that I can be just like everyone else. But it is so much more than that. It is for me.

I proved the doctors wrong when I started walking. When I played my first softball game. When I played my first competitive tennis match. When I danced across the stage at my first dance recital. Yes, this was another notch on the wall of things I was never supposed to do, especially after the Achilles injury, but it is so much more than that. I proved to myself that I can truly go after all my dreams. A 5K might seem so small to the marathon runner, but to me finishing my first 5K, even if I didn’t run as much as I had hoped was that first big step in letting myself believe I really can chase my dreams.

Dreams that are so much bigger than my 5K, but everything starts out with that first step.

And running is my escape, not my escape from reality though. More my escape to “me time.” My escape to a world where stereotypes and my past don’t matter. All that matters is the goal in front of me and the supporters around me.

When I run, I don’t look pretty, I don’t set records, and I don’t pass many on the course. But that is perfectly fine by me. I don’t run for my doctors. I don’t run for the guys at the gym or park. And I definitely don’t run for my friends or family. I run for me.

I run for me. I run to push my boundaries. I run to decompress. I run to smile. I run to think. I run to give myself the opportunity to do it all. I run to remind myself that I can. And I run to keep myself in balance.

And I run to remind myself where this journey I call my life, all started.

This still doesn’t even begin to fully cover why I run or how I feel about running, but it is a glimpse into it.

Why do you run?

***While I am a firm supporter & long time customer of Scheels I have not been encouraged or compensated in any way for this blog post. I am choosing to share their ad by my own choice because I truly am inspired by the ad. ***