Sometimes I am anything, but the typical girl. Other times, I am so stereotypical that it makes me want to slap myself.

The text I sent my brother today is an example of the first kind of girl. The one who probably loves food more than is healthy. I might be picky, but what I love, I will eat more than my share of.

“Donuts. Must bring donuts.”

Patrick is staying at my apartment tomorrow night and my payment agreement with him was that he had to bring me donuts. This has been our agreement for when he stays with me for a few years now.

These aren’t just any donuts. These are the best donuts ever. Donuts from the Donut Shop in Pierre. Cream filled Long Johns with Nuts on top to be exact. I could live off of those things.

I’ve begged the owners of the Donut Shop to open up a bakery in Sioux Falls multiple times with no luck on convincing them. When I was in college and home for the summer they knew me and my order by heart. Once a week I would treat myself. Sometimes more often.

My dad often knows that if I’m home for a weekend and not up by 8:00AM the best way to get me up is to go get me donuts and bribe me out of bed with them.

So this weekend while I will give up my bedroom for my brother I will be getting to indulge in my favorite Cream filled Long Johns with Nuts on top from the Donut Shop for the first time since last May. And man will those donuts make sleeping on the couch more than worth it.

So just as when I go home my dad must make steak; to visit me from Pierre, you must bring donuts!