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While I’ve never been in track in my life, I seem to find my way to more hurdles than one would ever guess.

But I don’t let these hurdles stop me. I keep going. I pick myself back up. And I get right back to achieving my goal.

2012 will be my year.

I said that to start out the year. And I stand by it now, still. I’ve had a few hurdles on different fronts of my life, but I don’t give up.

My left achilles put me in a walking boot in the fall of 2007 and again from July 2008-January 2009. After running hard 3 days in a row last week I noticed it was swelling again. Nothing alarming. No significant pain. But I also know that after two previous stints in a walking boot, I would be beyond happy to never have to be in one again. So I’ve taken the week off from working out. The swelling has gone down. I’m going to try to give myself a day of rest after every workout until my 5K. Meaning I won’t be “running” every step of my 5k. I may be doing more of jogging it. But I won’t let it stop me from completing my first 5K. And I can guarantee you that I will run across that finish line no matter how much pain I am in.

The achilles is just one of many hurdles I have faced in my life. But the thing is, they are just hurdles. We might fall down. But you just have to brush yourself off and get back up. So here’s me telling my achilles, 2012, and life that I am a force to be reckoned with.

This will be my year.