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Love and Theft is by far one of my favorite groups at the current time solely because of Angel Eyes. It is my jam song and I LOVE it.

I just love a feel good country song. And I like to think I have a little bit of a wild side! Or at least a bit of a wild personality!

And after jamming to that song on repeat this morning to get out of a bad mood due to computer problems galore at work, I finally decided to listen to some of their other songs (from back when they were still a trio) too. And upon listening to Dancing in Circles I remembered how much I loved that song. It has religious references, but I just love it because it can almost always fit into one’s life on some level.

Why do we go dancin’ in circles?
When we know it never ends,
We come so close to loving each other and then,
We go dancin’ in circles again.

Guess those will just be thoughts to ponder…