I am a runner.

No I don’t run fast.

And I can’t run far.

But I am becoming a runner.

I still hate the treadmill, but get a song I love blaring in my headphones and I power past my exercise asthma and those sideaches to make my goal distance for the day.

My 5K time in a month won’t be setting records. But it will be a record for me. My first 5K will happen. I may freeze to death. I may throw up. I may be in pain. And I may want to cry, but it will be completed. That is my only goal. And I can do it.

I believe in myself. And I really believe I can become a runner.



So in a month I will prove to myself, to my doctors, and to everyone else out there that I can and will be a runner. I’m running to show people that obstacles don’t define you. Clubfeet or Bilateral Talipes Equinovarus has been my obstacle since birth, but it will not define me. Or hold me back on extreme levels.