While the events of 3 years ago are a nightmare that never ended, to me, I am using today to remember the amazing person Adam was.

Adam was one of a kind.

Before we were ever even friends, I knew that much.

We went to school together from 8th grade-high school graduation. We knew each other, would even talk sometimes, but never hung out in the same crowd.

Then I became friends with Kristy. I went off to college and Kristy started dating Conrad. And Conrad was friends with Adam, so thus Adam and me started to hang out. Before long I considered him a great friend. We might not have seen each other all that often, just holiday breaks & summers, but he was one of those people you could just sit down and catch up with like that.

Adam is the only person I know who was so smart that he could literally write on his final that he wasn’t going to waste the professor’s or his time since he could fail and still get an A in a course.

He is one of the few people that would buy a one way plane ticket down to Texas to buy a vehicle off of Craigslist(or was it ebay?).

And he is the only guy I have ever known to own a female Chihuahua by choice and thus name it Chuck Norris to seem more manly.

Adam had an amazing heart. The best personality. And was truly a kind soul.

No matter what measures he took 1095 days ago, he will always be the Adam I knew. The Adam I miss. And the Adam I would want all my friends to know. I won’t ever let the events of one day tarnish the memory of a great guy.