Well this post is going to be short and sweet.  I mean we all say that there are people we’d like to trade places with, but truth be told my answer is the following.

I want to trade places with myself on my happiest days. Today is one of those days so I don’t need to trade places with anyone today.  I truly and honestly love my life.  I’ve had my bad days, but where I am and the path I am on is pretty darn fantastic.

I’ve got loving parents, a supportive although snarky older brother.  I have 2 amazing sisters by meaning who provide me with 4 nieces and a nephew by meaning. I have some of the BEST friends out there, some who are physically present in my life and some that are virtually present.  I’ve come so far and I’ve overcome obstacles to be a better person in the end.  What more can someone want?

Unless of course being Joe Mauer’s wife/gf is an option. Then I might want to trade places to have that opportunity! (:

Just Me: Megz