Jenny & Megan

I met this wonderful friend pictured with me at the Herseth for Congress office back in 2006.  I was a Junior in college interning with the campaign and she was a Senior in high school, interning there as well.  I don’t think I would have ever guessed that she would be one of my best friends 4.5 years later.  I mean starting with our age difference, our difference in education choices (public vs private), and being two very different and stubborn girls; it wasn’t the expected friendship.

However, 4.5 years later she is leaving Sioux Falls to start a big kid job.  And I am the proud friend that is ready to cry even though I am so happy for her. How did it get to that point? Well it started with the 100’s of yard signs we made together, the miles we walked, the doors that got slammed in our faces, and the corners we stood at, while looking like idiots waving signs. It continued through our coffee dates every time I came through town and all of our ridiculous stories for each other. Continued through our adventures we had during the brief year we shared the same zip code. And it will continue in the years to come.  Jenny is the type of friend that every person needs to have. You can be there for each other when needed, but have your own lives.  I can go months without seeing her, but the minute we are together it is like a day hasn’t passed. And that will continue…

Because this isn’t goodbye. This is farewell until our first Rapid City adventure (middle point between Billings & Sioux Falls). Farewell until she comes back in October. Farewell until our phone/skype dates that will be necessary.  This is farewell and good luck.