I had a question asked about my planned tattoo today from a twitter friend that I know IRL. I really appreciated her honesty in asking this question becuase it is something I have to be ready to answer if I am putting something on my body for life. In answering her I knew that I can prove to my dad that I really want this tattoo and it means enough to do it.  I don’t have to prove it to him, but I want him to understand how much it means to me.

I’ve wanted a variation of the same tattoo since before I was 18.  However my parents paid for a large chuck of my college education (everything that scholarships/assistantships didn’t cover except my books) and my father is not at all a fan of tattoos. Therefore I made a deal with him that I would wait until he was done helping pay for school.  I think he did this not only because he didn’t want me spending money on something like that when he was paying for school, but also because he knew that if I still wanted it almost 7 years later than there would be no way I would regret the tattoo.

Her question was, ” The song is essentially about faking how you really feel.  Do you feel weird taking the quotation out of context?”

My answer to her was “I don’t think I am taking it out of context I take the song as, yes learning to live again is killing him, but he’s gonna make the best of it. And I’ve heard other people interpret it the same. I have heard it interpreted the way you do, but it’s the meaning I have for it that matters since it will be on me.

I’m glad you asked because I am sure others will, that know the song. Garth himself says a similar thing about the Dance.

I cannot tell you what a gift this song has been in my life. The greatest book I have ever read is the Bible. What amazes me about this Book is one hundred people can read it and have one hundred different interpretations that fit their own individual lives. I’d never compare “The Dance” to the Bible. The song, however, does share the same gift. The song holds its own meaning to you, and that is very hard to find.

Garth Brooks”

I am in awe with Garth’s response.  It is so true and I think it fits with all songs.  People look at things their own way. My view of a song might be impacted by the first time I heard it, my personal experiences, or even my environment at the time of thinking about it.  As my tattoo will soon be becoming a reality I am glad that I can answer the questions behind the meaning to me and the possible song meanings.

So for those of you that don’t know or want the long story behind the tattoo. The short story is that I have taken, “I’m gonna smile my best smile and I’m gonna laugh like it’s going out of style.” as a life motto.  I believe these lyrics teach me and remind me to always make the best out of every situation.  I look forward to putting this motto on me for life so that I can be reminded to always be positive and seek happiness in life.

Hopefully by the end of May you all will be seeing photos of my tattoo on here.