I’ve deterred from the growth I had made in being a happy and compassionate person.  Thankfully, I realized tonight how much more important appreciation was than anything that is going on in my life.

Appreciation of what you may ask?

Appreciation first and foremost of those that have allowed us to be here having these petty little problems like a heartbreak or insomnia or a lost key.

While I am fretting about these things that might matter on some minor level to me personally,  they aren’t life or death issues. There are soldiers risking their lives for me and my freedom.  They probably have a gadzillion things going on home that they can’t even take the time to fret about because they are too busy doing their job.  I need to step back from my life and remember this more often.

Especially when I have my own friend (and great grandbaby) fighting in Afghanistan right now. I have several acquaintances/casual friends from high school getting ready to go overseas.  I have friends who have family members fighting for us. And I have friends who have fought for us in their past and would probably gladly be there doing so again.

I think we all need to remember every time we are having a bad day or a blah moment, that no matter how bad it might seem, it could be so much worse. And so much is given to us.

Appreciation isn’t hard.  Just take a few moment to think about and pray for those that aren’t as fortunate as you or who are giving up to protect you.

Take a minute to appreciate everything that is good in your life.

Take a moment and realize that God doesn’t put us through anything he doesn’t think we can handle.

And by doing those simple things, my life really doesn’t seem so bad. Life doesn’t seem so impossible.  Life doesn’t seem like something I can’t handle.


Such a simple word.

So easy to do.

Yet so easy for all of us to forget to do.

So I challenge you to take a moment and appreciate.

Appreciate the soldiers fighting for us.

Appreciate the good things/people in your life.

Appreciate that God has a plan for us.

Appreciate that life is as good as you make it.

Just appreciate.