I continuously get compliments on my positive outlook and ability to make the best of every situation.

This means a lot to me because making the best of every situation isn’t easy for me to do.  There are times when I want to just get angry or be an emotional mess, but I know that doing so won’t teach me any lessons or aid me in my journey to finding a better Megan.  It will only sidetrack and slow down the journey I am on.

Having a positive outlook and making the best of my life is something that I have to continue to work on.  It is something we can all do if we set our minds to it.  And sometimes in doing so you just need to have faith that God’s plan for you is the right one even if somethings may make you doubt it.

I have to have faith that there is a plan and that I can only hinder that plan by acting negatively, if I learn and grow I can only help the plan.

If we knew all the answers in advance, belief would not be a leap of faith. ~@EatPrayLove