‎”Care about people’s approval, and you will be their prisoner.” -Lao Tzu

As I saw this in my twitter feed today, tweeted by @ericamayer, I knew that it would make for a great blog post. Lately, I’ve seen the light on needing to make myself happy.  And that sometimes my choices might be judged, picked apart, and disliked by others.  I can’t base my life, my decisions; on what others will approve of.  I know that I am a walking, talking pattern of decisions that acquaintances, family, and even friends disprove of.

However, I truly feel that I have come to the point that I am not making blind decisions. Sure there could be hurt at some point, but there can always be hurt at some point.

“Being happy feels so much better than having it all.” –me

I am a firm believer that sometimes having it all means nothing.  I’d rather be happy.  And I can honestly say that sometimes in being happy you don’t have what others would take as everything or even what others think you should want/need to be happy.  I don’t need fairy tales, romance, or expectations to be happy.  I don’t need a significant other to be happy.  I don’t need a high paying job in the cities to be happy.  I don’t need people that don’t trust my own judgement in my life to be happy.

Happiness for me is friends that fully support me without judgement or demeaning comments.  Happiness is those conversations and moments that just make you smile and laugh.  Happiness is random nights out with my besties.  Happiness is a cup of coffee and country tunes in the morning.  Happiness is an hour, day, night, or weekend with my little bears. Happiness is knowing that my parents truly love and support me even though we might drive each other crazy.  Happiness is country music blaring, windows down, sunglasses on as soon as spring arrives.  Happiness is the Minnesota Twins games and baseball season.  Happiness is realizing that living in the moment is so much better for my soul.  Happiness is admitting that some of my choices now could end in hurt, but the fun and memories will be worth it.  Happiness is knowing that there will always be a what if when you let there be a what if.  Happiness is knowing that what ifs aren’t worth the pain.  Happiness is knowing that enjoying the moment is key because you never know when it won’t be there.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Live in the moment, have fun, and enjoy the ride. Fretting about what awaits you is only a waste of time! Here’s to being back on the saddle, ready for the ride!