Looking back at the last 4 months I have sure had some highs and lows.

November 2nd 2010: An excruciatingly painful night.  I still stand by everything we did as a campaign team and my candidate fully. I even still feel like many people will eventually realize what they lost by the results.  And no matter how proud I was, that night and the next day were very painful and hard.  I finally realized what it meant to put your heart and soul into something and not get what you wanted back out of it.

That night also taught me that sometimes things fall apart so that others can fall together.  The two months I spend job searching after Election Day were a learning experience for me.  I realized that while I have a strong passion for politics there are other ways I can use my passion for communication and helping people. I also realized that my passion for social media could perhaps become more than a passion. I  learned that I could find a job I loved and make it not seem like a job.

December 2010: I lost a friend because of our choices that we had made together.  It is nearly impossible to be friends with someone when you weren’t friends prior to adding more to the situation. I still have hope that one day I will regain this friendship.

January 2011: My parents threaten to make me move home if I don’t have something by the 15th.  I push back on them about that. I end up with what I thought was my new dream job being offered to me. I accepted the job offer and began to make plans to move in with several friends in a few months. Life was looking up more than it had in a while.  I also find out that Dottie had cancer.

February 2011: I learn how hard it is to say goodbye even when you know it is coming.  While the loss is tragic my life seems to be balancing out otherwise.

March 3rd 2011: I am informed that with no warning my job no longer exists effective immediately. Shock.  Anger.  Lost.  Scared.

March 4th-7th 2011: I realize that there has to be sunshine in every rainstorm and that apparently this wasn’t the door for me.  Better doors will open.  I realize how awesome and supportive my friends and family are.  I have job leads. And most importantly I realize that the loss of a job isn’t the end of my journey. It is just a new detour that will eventually bring me to a better place.

Life is what you make it.  Life gives me limes(hate lemons!) and I will make limeade.  Life throws more limes my way and I will make margaritas. I have overcome a lot of obstacles already in life, a few more aren’t going to stop me.  Hurdles are there because it is expected and known that I can overcome them.

Live the life you love.

Love the life you life.